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Heco Celan GT502 - Black

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration - pair

Article code: SECOND HAND


HECO´s Celan GT 502 is the smallest floorstanding speaker in the series and is equipped with both a 170 mm woofer and a midrange driver. Perfectly coordinated individual drivers with an outstanding level of precision and a completely redefined dynamic response ensure unlimited listening pleasure. At the heart of the sound in this series lies the new tweeter. This 30 mm high-energy tweeter is significantly larger than conventional tweeters and features a special cone geometry that differs from other tweeters by its oversized edge mount. This creates a considerably higher dispersion energy in the transition to the midrange than is possible with conventional designs. One feature both the woofer and midrange driver have in common is a sturdy die-cast aluminium basket with linearised magnet system. An elaborately constructed, sturdy MDF housing forms the workspace for the chassis. 

1200.00 € 600.00