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Music Streamer


Introducing the all-new next generation MOON MiND streamer!

The new Neo MiND embodies all the greatness that it’s predecessor has amassed, with several key changes that bring a significant improvement in all aspects of the user experience: musicality, functionality, ease of use, and visual appeal.

New features
Improved musical experience - Browse an immensely rich music library with incredible ease, learn about your favorites artist’s history, and the culture behind their music. Locate your desired music and cue it up to be played at your command , mixing any source, be it streaming services, PC or NAS into a single playlist.

Added flexibility & revamped looks - The MiND experience continues to work in harmony with both Apple and Android tablets, using our reknowned MiND app. The new look borrows the stunning visual style of the Neo 230HAD DAC/Headphone Amplifier, with a sculpted and clean, fresh look.

Improved convenience - Front panel indicators confirm the resolution of the music being played. A remote control now can also operate basic features (very handy if someone leaves with your tablet), and a Bluetooth aptX connection allows you to easily connect any device and stream from its onboard library or from any music service.

Best sound quality yet - The MiND takes the technology to new heights, thanks to an onboard large, fully regulated and robust power supply. Bass is reproduced with greater slam and articulation, while midrange vocals possess a more organic and “you-are-there” reality. High frequencies “float” in space and immerse you into a broad soundstage, right into the music with incredible fidelity that has set a world-class benchmark.

Built-in MiND network streaming includes TIDAL Music Service, Qobus and Deezer.

€ 1990.00